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Was it a Stroke? A CT Scan May Tell

A stroke can be called an attack on the brain and it can certainly leave the person who’s suffered the experience with life-changing consequences. A stroke occurs when blood flow is disconnected from the brain for any reason. When brain cells are deprived of oxygen, it causes them to die. People who’ve suffered from a stroke oftentimes have debilitating side effects of the condition.

The doctor will perform a CT scan to determine if you’ve suffered from a stroke. Your doctor will refer you to the local center for radiology edison nj to have the scan where trained specialists will take the test. The CT scan will show abnormalities in the brain that have been caused by insufficient blood flow or other problems. The CT scan helps determine what has caused the stroke and determines if this is the health problem that left you ill.

The CT scan uses X-Ray technology to take pictures of the brain that the doctor uses to see the abnormalities, if they exist. The doctor can see the pictures at different angles, which allows him to have a better image of the brain. It creates images in slices so the doctor gets a better image of each layer of the brain.  A more accurate diagnosis is possible when the doctor uses a CT scan.

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Although useful in most stroke diagnosis’ cases, the CT scan doesn’t always detect a stroke and other testing may also be needed for proper diagnosis. There are many reasons why the CT scan may not show the stroke, whether it is due to the scan being taken too soon after the stroke. A small stroke may be too small to be seen on the scan and improper scans may also cause this problem.